Tuesday, September 13, 2016

T-Bone time!!

G is having her first audition for band opportunity tomorrow. It was supposed to be today and then, well, it didn't work out for reasons that are sure to make you fall asleep...so I'll skip that part. So tonight she is going to practice again and work on her skills. I was a woodwind player, so I don't know slide positions or anything other than how to make a noise that sounds like a constipated elephant. I love to hear her play. She has a darn good ear, I must say. My dream is for her to play the theme to "The Prisoner"(the trombone part) or "Peter Gunn" or anything Chicago has done. She of course rolls her eyes when I say that and play her the clips. I get it...it's okay. But she better play one of those for me someday.

I'm currently watching the Paralympics from Rio. I want to complain about my life. Good grief. These men and women are just absolute beasts in their fields. I am in awe of what they can do with their bodies. Shame on me for not doing a fraction of what I should do with a functional, yet frumpy, body. Amazing.

Night all.

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