Friday, September 9, 2016

Cheese adventure

The hub was off today as he is every other Friday. We usually have some sort of little adventure or get into some sort of project while the children are gone to school. Today, after he had his check up at the doctor, we went out to run a few errands, Put money in the bank for the soccer team and go look about a newer iPad to replace this dying one I currently am using, pick up batteries at Kroger. We were sad, in a way, that it wasn't Saturday. Ace Hardware is one of our favorite stores and they make the best popcorn in town, but only on Saturday. We were headed that direction when I remembered a store that had opened fairly recently and we had yet to visit it. So I said, "Well, do you want to go to Cheddar Holler?". I think my husband just about drove off the road when I made the suggestion. As most who read this know, I am not a cheese eater at all, so to suggest we go to a cheese store...well you get it. Not a huge selection, but he more than happily bought some blocks, one orange and one white. Like that technical cheese talk?

Tomorrow is the big Battle at Bristol where our beloved Hokies are playing the hometown team of the Tennessee Vols. The hub and I have chosen to go radio silent on the subject for the most part. Strangers in a strange land are not afforded much grace during times like this. We went to eat tonight and a rather drunk couple saw the VT on B's shirt and started to sing the "Hokie Pokie". Then we watched in terror as they drove off into the night and prayed they didn't kill someone. The game should be interesting. We will be watching from the climate controlled comfort of our house.

Night all.

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