Saturday, September 10, 2016

Here we go

The Battle at Bristol is a little less than 15 minutes away. Our beloved Hokies are playing the Tennessee Vols at the Bristol Motor Speedway. It has been an event hyped beyond all imagination for years now. Sure, I would love to have our team win, but I realize that no matter the result we will have to maintain radio silence regardless. I can't get into football arguments for months following a game. It is just ridiculous. So as usual, I am going to not watch the game and instead binge watch "The Office" until probably 8:30 and then go to sleep. Tomorrow is a work day and I need to steel myself for whatever might hit me in the morning.

I just hope everyone stays safe and is not caught in a traffic snarl for 57 hours...but they will. Go Hokies!!!

Night all.

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