Saturday, September 3, 2016

Quite a day

We went to our friend's funeral today. It was tough, but a beautiful service. The family kindly asked all of the nursery staff to sit together up front with the family. We were all quite honored and humbled to be asked. Everyone processes these things in life differently. My oldest sit quietly and contemplates each thought and word. She isn't one to cry much, preferring to hold it in. G wears her heart on her sleeve. I honestly don't think she really processed everything until today when she saw everything laid out in the sanctuary. She was standoffish with the first few family members and then suddenly lost her composure when we got to Erin's aunt. She wept the rest of our time at church. Seeing others in pain is something she cannot bear. Her sister is the same way...just shows it differently. The boy, normally a chatterbox, goes radio silent. He shook hands, nodded politely and hugged people, but looked angry. And he was and is. We sat together, watching others go through the line until it was time for the family leave and gather themselves before the service started. From the moment they entered, we were blessed with a wonderful celebration of life. She was such an inspiration to so many and I am so grateful to have known her. My children are better for knowing her and seeing her example of perseverance through difficult circumstances. When they closing hymn "Victory in Jesus" was played and her mom threw up her hands in love and acknowledgement of the message in the song, I think there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

A moving afternoon.

Night all.

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