Sunday, September 11, 2016

Busy, busy, busy

It has been a busy work day with lots of running and craziness. We had a nursery full of happy babies, which I love. So stinkin' cute! After I got home, I took the oldest and my car to a car wash where her friends on the high school soccer team were trying to raise money for their homecoming queen candidate. You could also buy some doughnuts if you wanted since it was in the Krispy Kreme parking lot...but we did not. We then ran to Kroger for ice cream toppings for a high school youth event. THEN, we went to G's soccer game. Let me tell you something: that was a crazy and rough game. By the last few minutes of the game, we were playing 5v5 from a 10v10 game. Our 11th girl has a broken foot. The other team only had 9 and then 3 of them left at half time. Then their keeper took a beating and another player did as well. G took a heck of a beating, but truly had the game of her life. I wear mom goggles, I know I do, but she was a dynamo out there and I was really proud. Now she has field burn on her shins and wrecked knees. She was so proud of herself. Her teammates fought like beasts. They were great. I'm just glad they all walked, or limped, away.

Night all.

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