Thursday, September 15, 2016

Put a W down

I have been cleaning and straightening today. Just trying to get a handle on this house, if that is possible. The children noticed I cleaned out the glass cabinet, so that's good I guess. While I was dusting and straightening the TV room, I watched the last installment of the Jon Benet miniseries. That is some messed up stuff for sure. It made me kind of ill. My own fault.

After picking people up and getting most people where they needed to be, we got G to the fields for her second middle school game of the season. I had to watch a bit, leave and get the marching band girl and then go back to see the exciting conclusion. It was a nice win for the girls: 8-0. Thankful for that. The girls needed one. Of course I missed G's goal when I was gone, but she was pleased to get one. The boy was at soccer practice getting beaten up with a hard practice. S had been at band practice getting screamed at by the band director. I think they could have used some sort of goal as well. They'll have their day.

I'm kind of tired, friends, so I may go to bed soon.

Night all.

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