Friday, December 18, 2015

Yay for break!!!

Our Christmas break from school finally kicked off today after a half day of school. The two youngers wanted to go because there were talent shows to watch at their schools. S did not want to go as she and her fellow students had been told by teachers to absolutely not come. She felt they made their opinions so strongly known that she did not want to show her face there and, reluctantly(ha), slept in until her dad got her up at TEN. She did have exams and all that business, so I can't really blame her although it has been 20+ years since I have slept nearly that long. I did a little CHristmas shopping, a lot of cleaning and some baking today. We also took the dog for yet another torture session at the self dog wash. It was as entertaining as always and I do believe she is downstairs on her bed, smelling of Pupperoni and plotting our painful deaths. She smells 100% better, so whatever floats her boat. I am tired and am hoping that the hub will rub out whatever demon keeps popping my hip in and out. It hurts like the devil.

Night all and happy Friday.

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