Saturday, December 12, 2015

Super quick

The boy has struggled today. His medicine and yucky drainage upset his tummy this morning and now he has another fever...102.3. He is so done with being sinus/ear sick. He is done. It breaks my heart to see him so pitiful. Please pray that he can shake this so he can sing for the church Christmas concert tomorrow afternoon. He wants so badly to be with his group and get to be on TV. The hub and I are so frustrated he can't get well.

Pray for G as she sings tomorrow. I know she will do fine, but I am worried about the person playing her music...she's a shifty one. Let's hope she(her ukulele player)steps up and does a good job.

Pray for my mom. She has injured her neck and is in excruciating pain. She is not one to be still, ever, and it kills me to hear her suffer. I hope so that therapy works. She does not want to have surgery.

Night all. This house is sad, exhausted and done.

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