Monday, December 7, 2015

Dying socks kinda day

The little people in our church are going to have a Christmas party on Saturday with crafts and snacks and fun that is appropriate for them and not too overwhelming. They are going to be doing a sweet craft that is requiring me to dye socks. With tea. The basement smells lovely and the socks are looking okay...kind of splotchy. This might be a little problem if the color doesn't even out. We'll see how it looks when I run them through a rinse cycle. So besides dying socks in tea, it has been a sewing, picking up children from school and going to Charge Conference at church kind of day. The hub worked, took my car to get repaired, took the boy to scouts and hemmed another pair of pants. We are ready to conk out.

Hope everyone has a great night's sleep.

Night all.

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