Monday, December 21, 2015

What an idiot I am...

The Monday before a Friday Christmas and where did I find myself? Two of the dumbest places to be: Toys R Us and the United States Post Office. Both have a big job to do this time of year for sure and both headquarters for insanity. I needed to get a package out to family for a Christmas Eve arrival and knew that I might have to sell a kidney to get it there. Luckily, I didn't have to stand in line for the hours I thought I would. I was in for about 30 minutes and saw lots of stressed out holiday mailers. The big blue outside mailboxes were stuffed to overflowing with letters full of Christmas cheer waiting to be taken to their intended recipients. People inside the post office were juggling stacks of boxes; one man had a tower of six tat he rested his chin on as he dodged people looking for boxes and tape and stamps. I got through unscathed. After spending time there and shopping and the pediatrician's office in the morning, I went home to have a tiny little snooze. Just enough to get a second wind and then go back out to the wolves. The kids decided to go with in numbers. The Toys R Us was the height of insanity as expected. We quickly discovered, after talking to an associate, that the toy we were looking for was out of stock and not to be restocked for the foreseeable future. It took us longer to get out of the store than it did to try and find the item. I was able to keep my sanity and not lose a child. We ended up finding what we needed at a specialty store, but only after a man barley missed shooting me in the face with a pop gun. It made for interesting shopping conversation..."Hey, remember that Christmas when I lost an eye in the toy store? Those pop guns are not a joke." It all turned out okay.

Gots to go wrap now. Night all.

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