Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I have no words...well I do.

Soooo, my morning was quite productive. I delivered children to schools, picked up groceries, picked up needed items for Christmas parties, fought through a mountain of laundry and made cookie dough. Productivity and I were friends this morning. Then I picked the oldest up from school early...they get to leave after their exams are over for the day. We got her fed and then we sat down for a little rest. I was in a documentary mood, so I went surfing on Netflix and found something that has changed our lives. The whole afternoon started off with my daughter saying, "I hate documentaries!". This sparked a lively discussion about her not really knowing what a true doc was. She took offense and said she did. Anyhoo, I basically told her she just hadn't seen the right documentary and I would change her thinking. Then, enticed by the title, we chose this movie:

I don't think we took a full breath until it was over. My child witnessed the greatest piece of wackiness she has ever seen...and she LOVED it. People dressing up monkeys and calling them their daughters and letting their monkeys have baby dolls and birthday parties with elaborate cakes and discussions of having portions of their wills dedicated to monkey care and ladies saying that their 20lb monkeys are going to have to take care of them in their old age. It was insane. The best part about the whole documentary was that one of the profiled monkey people was a lady from our area. She has a business, Sonshine Monkeyshines, and has actually visited our church as a part of a Bible School kickoff treat. She has also had her monkeys at our local Fountain CIty Day in the park on Memorial Day. The monkeys eat Dum Dum suckers and scurry about in a somewhat terrifying manner for those unfamiliar with them. Mind BLOWN. If you have Netflix Instant Viewing, you must check this out. I cannot emphasize it enough.

I have baked cookies all evening and my dogs are barking. Night all.
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