Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Busy little Bethlehem, er, household

As the days get closer and closer to Christmas, more and more acivities are added to each week and things get crazy. Cra-ZY!!! My Friday afternoon became so full with activities that got added on to it today that I think it might explode before Thursday is done. That makes no sense, but let's just say it is jam packed. This evening I was practicing with G for her song that she is singing at a friend's church on Sunday. We have been practicing it for over a month and are really both getting to the point of being kind of over it. It's a sweet song...really it is. So I said, "I know you are kind of sick of this, but what is your favorite line in the song?". She had to think a bit and then declared she had made a decision. "But the cold, the dark and hunger couldn't take away their joy...". It was a good line for today. We were sitting in the cold and semi dark at soccer practice, hungry and grumpy from a long day, but the joy of the season, of the arrival of the King is a joy that can never be taken away. I pray that each of you can find that joy this season.

Night all.

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