Saturday, December 5, 2015

We're crazy parade people

We had our community Christmas parade today. It started off very chilly, but with about 25 layers between the five of us, I think we were okay. S marched in the band, but I didn't really get to see her. I was handing out candy about 7 floats behind her. Speaking of floats, our church did their usual float of children dressed up like members of the Christmas story. The Cub Scouts walked with us and one of our associate pastors drove the church bus. The staging area before the parade is always a hotbed of activity when people boldly ask for pictures from random people they find interesting. For example:

The hub couldn't help but get a selfie with the jolly old the parking lot of a CiCi's Pizza. Oh yes, he did. Then one of our pastors and my son had their pictures made with the "Candy Cane Queens". They have been a community fixture in the Christmas parade for many years:

There are no words. Really. G rode on the trailer with the children and made sure they were happy and enjoying themselves:

It was a great morning. Lots of ways to get into the Christmas spirit.

Night all.
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