Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Another dose of spirit...

We had our children's program for Christmas at church tonight. It always gets me in the Christmas spirit for sure. All those sweet little faces, singing their hearts out. They get it...they have yet to learn to be cynical and find the joy and true excitement of the birth of Jesus. This was a little bit of a melancholy night for me. The boy participated in his first musical with the singing and drama group...he is the last of the three to still participate on this special night of singing. I got a little teary thinking about it. Not gonna lie. He was still as serious as he always is singing. Never will he crack a smile, but he sang every word and danced every dance. He felt the weight of his responsibility in the group and as a Roman soldier. He worked hard and wanted to contribute. His buddy D did a great job singing a solo and being a a very expressive and excellent angel. Ms. Kathryn directed another wonderful musical and Mrs. B and Mrs. Melissa directed two wonderful choirs. What a lovely evening!

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