Friday, December 4, 2015

Gettin' our tree on

We finally were able to get to the tree lot and pick out our favorite Frasier Fir. Boy does it smell good! G helped her daddy get it off of the top of the car and get it into the house. After the in laws arrived and we had dinner, we got to decorating the tree. I thought we had a pretty substantial tree this year, but it filled up quickly. We are learning we have to be more choosy about which ornaments go up as we have accumulated so many treasures. The kids sang Christmas songs with our Pandora Christmas station and hung each ornament with care. They placed each Santa with purpose. We had all left the living room but G. She was meticulously placing each member of the Playmobil nativity set in their proper place. "Baby Jesus? Now you are going to be right here in the middle of all that is going on. Watch out...I'm not sure how good of a camel steerer that one wise man is." She then started singing "Mary, Did You Know?" and placed the Holy Family around Jesus and put everyone in their proper place. Sure, we do Santa and the tree and all that business, but she knows what the true meaning is all about. Sweet girl.

Tomorrow is the community Christmas parade and S is marching. She worked hard to decorate her drum and get everything ready:

The others are marching with our church's flatbed and bus. It should be fun!

Night all...tomorrow's going to be busy.
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