Monday, December 14, 2015

Cake and books and bball oh my

It is late and I have little left in the tank, but I will let you in on the events of a day on fast forward. The annual taking treats to the staff at the elementary school occurred today. This year went more smoothly than most. It helps to have the help of three children who have grown stronger over the years and can schlep more and more each season. The staff of the school enjoyed the treats I think and my mom's Italian Cream Cake was the hit of the lot. I called to let her know their reaction and I think it pepped her up a bit. She's had a hard day. Her PT was different today and caused her a lot of pain...but sometimes that has to happen to get to a better place. Let's pray that happens soon.

I did my favorite kind of shopping today: book shopping. It is always dangerous for me to go to a book store and I have a hard time getting out, but I escaped. Our elementary school librarian, Mrs. J, is retiring this month and there was a reception for her this afternoon. We could bring some books for the library in her honor. We got an oldie but goodie and a new one. A classmate of mine from high school is a successful artist, author/illustrator who has more talent in his finger than most 4person families do altogether. If you want a fun book, "Archie the Daredevil Penguin" is a good choice. Look that title up on youtube and you'll find a fun song to go with it as well. The boy is having a hard time with Mrs. J leaving. He spends a lot of time in the library and enjoys talking with her about book suggestions. It will be tough for him and all the children, but we wish her so much happiness in her retirement and will have our fingers crossed that she will come back to visit.

G did not get to go to the reception today and was bummed, but she missed for a good reason. She and her soccer teammates were honored at the middle school basketball game halftime for winning the middle school championship for the third year in a row. She has only been on the team for one of those years, but he sister was also on one of those teams. We were so proud that she was able to be a part of this team and had such a positive experience.

After all of that, we went to church and participated in day two of the church Christmas concert. It was lovely again. We are all tired and a bit relieved that this day is over.

Going to watch the rest of The Great Holiday Baking Show. Night all.

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