Tuesday, December 22, 2015

We talked to the big guy...

It's been a long and busy day here at the ranch.  Lots of cooking and appointments and waiting in lines.  My work gave us all a gift card to Honey Baked Ham, so I went for my first visit ever and waited in line line with a bunch of the other crazies looking for Christmas meat.  I had no idea what an operation it was.  You ask them for what you want and then they bring it out, open it up and let you inspect it.  Not really sure what I was looking for, but it looked hammy to me.  I also had a lovely discussion about ham bones and their large role in tasty soup making with the employee.  After an afternoon of baking what seemed like 5 million cakes for our community meal on Saturday, the family and I took off for our annual trip to see the big guy in red.  The kids were various levels of excited and our wait in line brought with it prime people watching.  Their aunt and uncle came along as has been tradition for several years now.  It was fun as usual.  

I need to go and wrap up a cake to put in the freezer.  And then I am going to pass out.  I'm so tired.

Night all.

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