Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day one: Done

Day one of the super duper church Christmas concert is done. The recording day is over and tomorrow night's performance should be a little more relaxed. The children did fine. I was worried about the boy's stamina. His body is not at 100% or even 90% after all this medicine and infection that is eating up his sinuses and ears. He made it and so did the others. Tomorrow will be at 7:30, so I have a feeling we will have some sleepy kids.

My dad came to bring some things to us today and saw the cantata as well. I wish my mom had been able to come, but her pain is just too great at this time. It really breaks my heart. We will send lots of videos, so hopefully she will feel a little like she was here with us.

G sang her song at our friend's church today. I was shaking like an idiot, but she held herself together so nicely. If I can figure out how to put the video on here, I will share it with you. I was one proud, nervous mom.

I'm going to watch "Homeland" now and hopefully find out Quinn is doing better...he's my favorite. Night all.

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