Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cookied out

Fa la la la laaaaaa...I am so tired.  I have baked more cookies in the past week than I have the past three years.  I am sick of looking at them.  Sick to death.  We will be handing them out to members of our community tomorrow who have to work on Christmas Eve.  It will be fun and we will enjoy ourselves, but I am not going to be sad to retire the mixer for a bit.  

It has been another busy day leading up to Christmas.  The boy went with his friend to see the new Star Wars movie and it is killing him to keep his mouth shut about it.  He better though!  I went shopping to try and find the hub a present.  He doesn't exactly play fair and give suggestions, so he gets what he gets.  Our Wisconsin relatives came through for a quick trip to drop items off, have a little cousin play time and then make their way to South Carolina.  They'll be back for a longer stay on Sunday.  The hub is out doing something and I am trying to get some side dishes pre-made for Friday.  Then it will be on to wrapping a few more gifts before I pass out.  I keep reminding myself what this holiday is all about and focus back on the new star shining that leads us to the real reason for Christmas.  

For now, I am going to take a trip to the dungeon to wrap for a while.  Night all and happy Christmas Eve Eve.

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