Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

It has been a long day today that started with a six o'clock wake up call. They were kind. It could have been a lot earlier. They were all very pleased with what they received. It was just unfortunate that many of their gifts were meant for outside and apparently this is the December monsoon season that we unfortunately forgot about. Hopefully a dry out will occur before they go back to school. It was strange not seeing my parents this year. I wanted to go surprise them so much, but I know that this was not the time for that. Hopefully her neck and condition will improve enough that we can see them soon. We did spend time with my brother and his family. Fifteen month old little ones are so fun and busy. She wore us all out. The evening is coming to a close and we are about to watch S's Christmas present from her brother: the second season of Survivor. We will also be playing canasta.

Hope you all have a great night and Merry Christmas!

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