Thursday, December 17, 2015

Party day...whew

The boy had his Christmas party at school today. No shocker here, but talk about AMPED UP. Those children were mad excited about everything and sugared up to the nth degree. I was on glass ball ornament decorating duty. No pressure there. We managed to get through 24 children without breaking one during the making of them. I heard a few bit the dust later on, but not on my watch. My boy was very well behaved and a good share friend. I was a proud mom.

This afternoon I have been a taxi driver and shopping consultant for children. I'm not sure which was more exhausting, the party of the shopping. Either way, I really am ready for bed. But I go to bed grateful for a great teacher for my son and for a son who is a great guy(and his sisters aren't too bad themselves).

Night all.

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