Sunday, December 27, 2015

Visitors for the north

We have family at our house now...from Wisconsin. They have been visiting the outlaws in South Carolina for a few days and we are now excited to have them with us. Our children love playing with their cousin and aunt and uncle. The girls learned how to play Cribbage this evening thanks to Aunt S. It is too math head for me, but I envy people who can play cards and use the fancy wooden board. My only knowledge of Cribbage was on an episode of the Monkees when they decided to swindle a bad guy by playing their version of the game. Afterwards they had to battle Rip Taylor and deal with a Frodis and all this weird stuff:

It was towards the end of their run and when they were probably using some psychedelics and all that. But the Cribbage part was funny...I promise. My niece and I battled in Apples to Apples Junior with the boy and the hub. THe adults determined that it really is the game that will never end, but we had fun and lots of laughs.

We look forward to our time with them and hope that the rain will hold off so we won't be cooped up in the house too much. If not, we will find something to do with our time and wear each other out. That's what family is for!

Night all.
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