Saturday, December 19, 2015

Far behind

I've been, in the last several years, pretty good about being ahead of schedule when it comes to Christmas shopping and that sort of thing. No wrapping presents on Christmas Eve and that sort of thing...I've been pleased with myself. Not so much this year. As I sorted gifts to see what I still needed to get, I realized that I was not nearly as far ahead and actually way behind. This is not a happy feeling. Not only does it send me into a panic, but it takes my eyes off the true meaning of the whole holiday. Not good. I worked on making candy today for the neighbors and prepping cookie dough for the Christmas Eve cookies to be delivered by a group of us to different businesses who have to be open and need a little extra cheer. It will get done and all will be fine.

Now I must go and get some things done. Have a good evening. NIght all.

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