Thursday, October 9, 2014

What a day!

It was a busy and drama filled day today. Trying to get the house cleaned so when Fall Break arrives, I can just sit back, sew and watch Criminal Minds. Is there a pattern there? Anyway, I was transitioning from tub cleaning to toilet cleaning which required a music change from Springsteen to Pink Floyd and I snuck a peek at Twitter to tweet this change, because so many people care. I saw that an occurence had happened at my oldest child's middle school involving children being stung while taking soil samples outside. The school had a soft lockdown and children were being taken to our local children's hospital. Our friend was stung four times. Yellowjackets. I hate those they hide in the ground. The hub finds great pleasure in taking out their nests at dusk with lots of gasoline. I am just so relieved that our friend is okay and everyone seems to be on the road to recovery. The emotional scars will be there for a while. To be swarmed and stung multiple times when you are doing schoolwork and you see your friends getting stung...a scary thing. I know there will be some educators and administrators who will be sleeping hard tonight after an awfully stressful day. Bless them all.

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