Friday, October 24, 2014

My husband is a dynamo...

The hub got a good report from his ortho surgeon on Tuesday. He told him he could do pretty much whatever he wanted within reason. Someone said, "That's a dangerous thing for a wife to hear." Uh thanks for the sexist remark. It only makes me nervous that he is going to overdo it and hurt himself again. After the dog decided to morph into part beaver and chew up the wall, he began the process of deconstructing that part of the frame and purchasing new materials to stain and repair. While at Lowe's, he found materials to repair and finish out the area around the garage door that had rotted from age. When I returned home from child pickup duty, it looked like we had a new front to part of our house. That man can do anything once he puts his mind to it...or he is given the doctor's go ahead. I sat in the dungoen and sewed bears and bunnies. My mojo was off, I must admit, because A&E changed their morning lineup and did not have Criminal Minds on as it normally does. Gideon, Hotch and the crew were not able to catch serial killers while I attached heads to creatures. Oh well. They still got made.

The oldest is in Oak Ridge for one of her last football games of the marching season. She is going to be in terrible withdrawal after the last game next week. I imagine a little break will be welcome, but she will miss her friends terribly. Hopefully we can work something out in the meantime for her to see them. I just hope she is not going to freeze tonight. I think she had on at least two layers.

Time to go snuggle up with my little boy for a bit. I feel guilty I am not at the game, but this is a good trade off. Night all.

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