Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Almost over the hump...

We are in a dry and boring slump in the usually comedy filled arena known as our home. Fall break was not relaxing really, what with the puke virus making its way around the fold and torrential rains making it impossible to get out and exhaust people...who weren't throwing up. The kids are just exhausted. While they can do funny things when they are in this state, they do not respond well to our amusement at their condition. Kind of like the equivalent of poking an already grumpy bear who went to bed super angry and then expecting it to wake up amused. I'd rather stick a poker in a hornets' nest.

It is bedtime here at the ranch. I am trying to stick it out to watch a full episode of "American Horror Story: Freak Show", but I saw the terrifying clown and I think it is time to watch some super happy fun stuff. I will say that Kathy Bates is amazing as the bearded woman and her accent is incredibly similar to several of my relatives up north. Oh well...bedtime is here and I have a date with Sheldon, Leonard and the gang. Night all.

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