Friday, October 10, 2014

Musings from the lot

We had a soggy day ALL day. It was a bad hair, damp clothes, "I want to take a nap" day. The 'rents were in town to view the marching band at the football game and see some kidlets play in soccer games tomorrow. Weeellllll, the best laid plans and all that stuff. Soccer games were cancelled due to soupy fields and the fear of broken legs and furious parents with sick kids over Fall Break. Believe me when I say, there were no complaints from me a d possibly even a little happy dance...or a big one. I love a good soccer game, but I need a sleep in day once in a while. Football goes on, unless there is a major thunder storm, so we went to the stadium prepared for the ultimate in monsoons and were pleasantly surprised that the rain stopped. S made it just in time as her bus had come from a dead stop behind a wreck 30 minutes away from home on her way back from a Beta Club trip. They didn't bother going out on the field for their program. They played in the stands and S and her front ensemble compatriots played on the track. They sounded great. S looked so tired and, as she was having to move the unwieldy chimes around, just about turned them over on top of herself. She has not eaten dinner and is probably going to be evil if she doesn't get food soon. I am sitting in the parking lot ready to whisk her away to find some food to shove down her gullet. I honestly don't know whether I will be able to fill her up. I think the kid has a worm.

Have a great evening. I will be playing Words With Friends while I wait. I am determined to win a match against Elke Hildegard, random opponent chosen for me. She is kicking my tail. Grrrr.

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