Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Waiting for the other shoe to drop....

Another child is down in the house. The boy got a bellyache at school and eventually tossed his cookies into the classroom trashcan strategically placed next to his desk by his forward thinking teacher. Since I brought him home, he has sipped on ginger ale, snacked on oyster crackers or as we call them in our house, mini round saltines and has been resting on the sick mattress covered with vintage Star Trek sheets:

He has chatted nonstop almost the whole afternoon and I feel like i am face with a dilemma. If he has only thrown up once, kept food down, has no fever and feels peppy tomorrow...should I send him back to school? I don't want to be that mom, but I don't want to keep him home if it is unnecessary. I don't know. He is in good spirits right now, so I'll just be thankful with that. Just say a few prayers that G will not come down with it while on her camping trip to the 'Woods...or that the hub doesn't get it chaperoning...or I don't get it and can't get the kids to school. I will keep my positive mental attitude and hope those things don't happen...and strategically place trash cans everywhere.
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