Monday, October 13, 2014

Best laid plans...

Well, Murphy's law is in full effect over here. What we thought would be a lazy Fall Break of sloth and sewing has not panned out. One child has thrown up and the other has a yucky cold. The third is just hanging on and staying out of their way. Can't say that I blame him. Timing couldn't be better what with one hcild getting braces this week and the other leaving Wednesday for her school retreat to Wesley Woods. I am trying not to panic or be Debbie Downer, so please say some big prayers that G will not get the stomach crud and be unable to go on her trip. She has wanted to do this since the big K year in school when she found out 5th graders get to go on a trip. I am hoping that S's messed up tummy was merely a fluke and will not happen again. Pray along with me on that one friends.

I am off to shower off layers of chicken soup making ingredients, poly-fil and the fuzz from many bear and bunny carcasses that I have been messing with today. Then I will be sewing them up to look like some creature that someone would want to buy. Here's hoping.

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