Friday, October 31, 2014

Ready for a whirlwind

Book Character Day went off like a charm. I spent a bit more time at school today than I should have. I am a person who enjoys my routine and some scheduing, but not so much that I can't stray from it. Today I really needed to keep with a very strict schedule...which did not happen. School required a few more hours than I anticipated, which is okay. The kids were proud of their book costumes:

My fingers may never be the same from whipstitching, but the end result was fun.

The evening was a cold and wet one, not too conducive to trick or treat. We were busy enough taking S to school to play in the band at the football game. Two of the the children are going to be playing in frigid soccer games tomorrow, so they needed to keep warm. We may have to thaw the oldest out. In a felt poodle skirt with a pair of leggings, a shirt and cami and a raincoat, she will be an ice cube.

I'm off to bed and watch a little of Liev Schreiber in the remake of The Omen. I prefer the Gregory Peck one, but this one was a decent remake. A good scary movie on a creepy, cold night. Night all.
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