Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pancakes and pumpkins

We had a rare morning where we did not have to be on a soccer field at the crack of dawn. So instead of a quick bowl of cereal or a Clif bar showed down our gullet, we got to have yummy pancakes. The kids welcomed this rare treat and ate them with great gusto. I think they liked the faces:

It looks more like a FrankenPancake. After stuffing their bellies, they got ready to start their day. S was deposited at school to travel to a band competition. I fired up the leaf blower and got a head start on the onslaught of leaves that has begun. After a trip to pick up book character day costume supplies, we got home with pumpkins and some new carving tools. S will have to do her pumpkin tomorrow, but G and the boy got a head start on theirs:

Why he felt he needed to be in shorts with no shirt, I am not sure. But it turned out to be a good idea...he was covered wih pumpkin guts. He even had a little pumpkin gut goatee...amazing. After finishing his mustachioed pumpkin, he went on to a birthday party dressed as a skunk and G and I went to help serve dinner at the community meal at church. The diners filled their bellies with a hearty meal of meatloaf, peas, mashed potatoes and cake. It was a good evening. The hub and I are currently trying to find something to have for dinner. G ate meatloaf and the boy dined on chili at the party. I would like something to help me sleep all night through. Can you order that through takeout? I wish.
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