Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Three babies takes a toll

We have had a lot of rain these past couple days. I mean good soaking rain that sounds heavenly on the roof when your are settling into sleep...until it gets so hard that you lay in bed worried and then run down to the basement to check for flooding and drama. Luckily we have managed to avoid that sitution this round, but we did not avoid having a visitor in our bed last night when the thunder got a bit lively. I was so grateful to be awake when the thunder came, because being awakened by it is never good for me. Today we again had some lively storms and thunderous rain pouring down not in buckets, but in 55 gallon drums. I was finishing my munch while watching Richard Belzer and crew bring Law and Order to NYC when an explosion of thunder and lightening came so hard and loud that I jumped off the couch and crouched in anticipation of the second ccoming. Thank goodness I had not had much to drink at that point in the day. Three children have caused the integrity of my bladder to take a hit in stressful situations. Luckily I have not yet needed Depends so nobody "gonna breaka my stride" as the commercial used to say. While my bladder remained strong, the intensity of the strike burnt out the sequencer control board of our garage door opener mechanism. Oh well. It could have been our house or a tree on our house. I'll count my blessings for sure.

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