Monday, October 27, 2014

The Day After

Well. It was a Monday for sure, but then everybody has them. I think I folded about 50,000 pieces of laundry and, looking in the basket about 5 minutes ago, I have accumulated about 5,000 more just since the kids have gotten home. S is feeling better today, but I picked her up from school and found her with puffy eyes and weirdly red cheeks. Something is still irritating her. As parents, we are frustrated that no one can give us any answers as to why this weird crap keeps happening to her. We get a lot of "We're fairly sure this won't bother her.." or "We think this is prpobably safe...". I mean, really?

On a positive note, the boy went to his first Pack meeting as a Cub Scout. He is now officially a Bobcat. I remember with my brother his Boy Scout days more than the Cub Scout stuff. I do recall my earliest memory of when I realized that parents do the majority of the work so their kids can win when I saw him compete in the Pinewood Derby for the first time. My brother had a normal looking car that he crafted(with Dad's help on the sharp stuff)and it looked nice and age appropriate. Then came a kids two years younger who had a streamlined vehicle with a carved out spoiler on the back and, I mean, come on. Oh well. The hub is excited about his boy being involved in the scouting program. I am too.

Now to a game of "Goldfish" with the boy and then bedtime. Night all.

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