Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I know you are sick of it...

This is going to be short. I am tired and I have little brain power left. I have, since 5:30, been at the high school for the county marching band exhibition. All the high schools in the county played their shows for all the parents with kids in marching bands in the county. Thirteen bands were there, chilly and ready to play. We saw all sizes, shapes and decibel levels this evening. While I enjoyed them all, I loved AE High School the best. The whole band could have fit in our living room, but they danced and danced and played their ten instruments to death. I never get tired of hearing our band play. They have improved every week and it is a joy to watch them. S has been a guest with them this season, but she has had an absolute ball...she has found her place of comfort. It is so nice to see.

My face is windburnt and my toes are still frozen. Time to hunker down under some covers and get warm and sleepy.

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