Friday, October 3, 2014

All spread out

Our family is having an evening all over the county. The hub and the boy are at our church father-son campout. They will not be camping out, but will enjoy all the fun offerings that are in store tonight. Call us crazy(I know we are), but we didn't think almost three months post back surgery was the best time to be sleeping on the ground. We're no fun, I know. S has gone to some friends' house for the evening. Since there was not a football game tonight, she has a rare treat of a march-free Friday. G and I were planning to go to church for the mother-daughter Spirit-Filled Art night, but chose to stay home and try to just physically recover from the week. She was exhausted and in need of some quiet mom time. I will never turn that down!

Have a lovely evening, everybody. I am "enjoying" watching a "I have parasites living inside of me" show of my child's choosing. Ew. Sleep tight with that one.

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