Saturday, October 11, 2014

My heart just exploded

We got a reprieve this morning and all our soccer games were cancelled which meant that we could sleep in. A rare occurrence to say the least and I was really excited about it. My usual get up time is 5:45-6:00am, so the thought of a 7:30-8:00 one was exciting. 6:30 is as far as I got this morning. At least I did get the chance to have my cuddly little boy come in for a few minutes before he ran off to the next activity. While I let the girls sleep and packed G for her school trip to Wesley Woods, the hub took th boy and went to the scout shop to buy some supplies. With a dad, two uncles, a cousin and various friends who were Eagle Scouts, it was only a matter of time before he started himself. He had his first meeting this past Monday and came home ecstatic. He had gotten to use power tools, learned how to do the Cub Scout salute, reunite with some of his buddies from preschool days and spend time with his dad. I mean, what else could a kid want? So the natural progression was to go purchase his class A Cub Scout uniform, his handbook and a class B tshirt. Upon their arrival home, the boy immediately had to try the whole thing on for us. B told him the significance of each part of the uniform while my mom worked to get his pants ready to can't scout sloppy. I had continued the packing process and was called in to see the final product. What I saw made my heart explode and my eyes tear:

I mean, come on...and Van's to boot. I can't even talk about it. He is not supposed to be this old yet. I feigned a packing emergency and escaped to dry my eyes, while the hub beamed with pride at his boy. I know the scouts have gotten a bad rap from some groups, but the men in my life have had nothing but positive benefits from their times with them. They are men of integrity and grit, of skill and kindness...and I can't wait for my son to join that special brotherhood.
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