Friday, October 17, 2014

A quick note

The hub and G returned each in one piece from the 'Woods. They were dirty and exhausted and G is covered with massive mosquito bites. I took a trip to our favorite Fruit and Berry Patch with the little guys and gals at our church. Dennis Fox gave them his annual speech about not eating pokeweed or any other berries that present themselves on their journey around the farm:

S had another home football game and got to see one of her best buddies from the opposing school. Her joy was short lived as the pain of braces put a damper on everything. Currently we are trying to figure out if G is falling prey to the stomach crud that hit some of her friends at camp or if the massive mosquito invasion on her body is having an adverse reaction that is worse than normal. Here's hoping that the Benadryl will kick in soon and she will be able to sleep this off.

Here's hoping...

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