Thursday, October 16, 2014

Braced for the reaction

We hit yet another milestone in our family today. We made a visit to our orthodontist, Dr. Pickering, and got some braces today. Many years ago I went to see Dr. White and had the same thing done. I was shocked at the difference in application time. I was in his office for hours and went home to drug up and drink milshakes. S went in and got the braces on in less than 10 minutes. Then she received her instructions and asked to go back to school for science review. She even got to wear fancy glasses while being worked on:

No trying to play the mine's bigger than yours game, but we had our own earphones at Dr. White's office that played soft rock hits of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Just sayin'. She is currently experiencing some aching in her mouth which is not shocking. Hopefully she will be able to sleep tonight.

A lot happened after I posted last night. The hub and G had an adventure whilst away at school camp. It the throes of one of her favorite summer camp games, Gagaball, G jammed the fire out of her thumb to the point that ibuprofen and ice did not help. They took a trip to urgent care to get xrays and make sure the thumb wasn't broken. As far as they could tell, just a severe sprain. Waiting for the radiologist to make the final call. She is splinted up and fine. They will return tomorrow and I look forward to their return. A whole bunch.

The boy stayed home today. He really could have gone to school, but he had a thought in his mind that he would get in trouble if he went back to school the next day. He is mortified by the thought of getting in trouble. That boy.

I am going to finish up here and finish sewing the ears on a bear while watching Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. Riveting evening.

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