Monday, October 6, 2014

Hurry up and wait

As I am typing this, I am waiting in yet another pickup line. The current line is for marching band. I am listening to Elvis Presley sing "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Confession time: I like his version much better than the original. See? Would I have time to make such analytical comparisons between song versions if I didn't have ample pickup line time? Solving the world's problems one car load at a time. Middle school pickup probably looked a bit sketchy today. I am working on a couple of teddy bears out of matrial that is bothe very soft and very messy. My usual uniform of jeans and a gray Old Navy tshirt was covered with tiny little pieces of cream terry cloth and chocolate brown ultra soft material. When I got out of the car to visit with a friend, a shower of those pieces went up in a mini-cloud like confetti at a celebratory crafters' parade shown on PBS on a sleepy Sunday afternoon. Random thoughts, sorry. Inhaled too much Polyfil stuffing today. Elvis is now singing "Always On My Mind". Yet another excellent version. See again? I am slowing being driven into some sort of mania by waiting in the car too long and listening to XM radio whilst sewing creepy little animals. It gets to a mom after a while. Just to see the fruits of my labor(and waiting), here is a picture of the latest creation...a sock monkey patterned bunny:

Hope it will sell some day. If not, you might get it as a gift one day. Sorry to ruin the surprise.
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