Sunday, October 19, 2014

I am tired...but then who isn't?

Many thanks to the hub who filled in while I was in a sleepy TN town freezing my rear end off watching a band competition for several hours. I had not planned to attend this one, but parental guilt overtook me and I showed up. The hub was in soccerland with the youngers, so I just decided why not. I am a band geek from many years back and have been to more than a lot of competitions. We were out on the field at attention, ready to perform, when some nice person turned the huge stadium lights off. Nice. We had to stand there for what seemed like an eternity until the things came back on so the judges could see us play. I love all the excitement and the theatrics and the different ways the schools cheer for their bands...or how the band student reps conduct themselves and respond when scores and awards are announced. I was sitting, nestled very uncomfortably between two groups of fans from two different schools. One school was the "we can't sit still and are going to put our feet on the metal bleachers and make them shake annoyingly because we have the jimmy legs and can't stop shaking them...all while elbowing innocent people(me)in the knees and spill our shakes from Sonic all over peoples' shoes and laugh and laugh and pull our sweatshirt up and make our friends smell our sweaty armpiits.". The other school was the "I don't care if we are supposed to be quiet during the shows, I am going to show that I have a stadium volume whisper and comment on everyone's appearance and express shock at their abiliities to carry their horn because of their gender while my husband and grandfather continuously clear their throats and what sound like their lungs and entire sinus cavities every five minutes while making the rest of the people around immediately think 'ebola'". It is hard to enjoy band tributes to the Stones or Zeppelin or Fiddler on the Roof when your seat is shaking uncontrollably and you are ducking in fear of flying phlegm. Our drum major's grandma was sitting behind me...not sure how annoyed she was. The man right next to me did say, "How tacky!" a few times.

The band emerged victorious and got very good scores and lots of trophys. It took me the drive back to unthaw my extremities. It was worth it. Their happy faces made the strange bleachermates not so bad. Still a good story...but not so bad.

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