Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Book character exhaustion

Instead of calling it Halloween at school, they prefer to call it "Book Character Day".  Lots of the kids choose not to pick an actual book character and have to come up with or pay for two different costumes, I get gets expensive.  So instead we are left to imagine what a book about Monster High dolls or kid in the Jason from Friday the 13th costume without the ski mask would read like.  There are times when I really wish mine would take that approach and not want something out of the ordinary crafted two days before the event.  Such is life, so I am crafting two makeshift costumes for the two youngers in my home.  I will reveal the final products and their corresponding books on Friday because, as they have emphatically stated, we do not want to ruin the surprise...or deal with possible copycat artists out there.  Honestly, I can't imagine that many people would think to choose these books, so I think they are okay.  Let's just say that they involve a lot of fabric glue, hats, tiny pieces of felt and shoddy embroidery skills.  But if I can pull them off, they will be pretty darn funny. Speaking of that, I must away to the crafting table.  More pieces are awaiting construction.  Night all.

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