Saturday, October 4, 2014

All s'mored out

We had a pretty busy and fairly productive day. As always, someone was playing soccer. All the parents thought we were going to blow away on the field with the crazy wind. Fall weather was officially here and I, for one, am thrilled about it. This is my kind of weather. My oldest was bundled up in her hoodie, completely inside of it like a soccer troll. The kid has no body fat, so I see her position...well as much as one can who has enough body fat for three kids. Anyhoo, they won, but not without some controversy and coach vs coach arguing and some coach vs ref drama.

The afternoon was spent preparing snacks for a bake sale at church. G and I made "S'mores Cups" from a DIY picture off of Twitter. Making a new recipe simply from pictures can be a risky move, but thank goodness they turned out. Afterwards we channeled our inner pyromaniacs and took a lighter to the tops to make the marshmallows look campfire kissed:

We of course had to try them to make sure they weren't awful(we're thoughtful like that)and they were pretty cute and tasty

I am not a partaker inner of manicures, so forgive my nails. Fter those were finished, I started on dinner. The boy insisted on helping, which is nice and entertaining and exhausting all at the same time. He decided that we needed to keep with the "food in a cup" theme and make pizza cups for dinner. He assembled after all the hot and sharp prep work was complete. I think he did a smashing and tasty job:

Everyone is now enjoying a relaxing evenin with satisfied tummies and comfy pj's. I'm about to stuff some bunnies and watch some Criminal Minds, which seems to be my companion show when sewing. Maybe a soft bunny tempers the scary of Mandy Patinkin hunting serial killers....or Joe Mantegna whichever season is playing. Entertainment is entertainment. Night all.
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