Monday, October 20, 2014

It's a Monday for sure...

Today is a Monday for sure. Nothing bad happened. Just had no desire to get up out of the warm bed. Nor did the children. The dog had no problem with getting up and wanting everyone else to be as excited as she was about being up. I found one child laying in the floor, fully clothed, pep talking under their breath to "Wake up wake up wake up!!". One child asked if she could just sleep through breakfast. The other kept wondering if the dog could come to school to keep them awake. I would have liked to let them all stay home and have a lazy day, but I don't want to ever get sideways of the truant officer. The kids got off to school and I hit the grocery store and started baking goodies. Band parents were asked to help provide baked goods for the concession stand at the competition tomorrow. So I made a few:

Nothing complicated, but tasty just the same. Hopefully it will bring in a tiny bit of cash.

Hope everybody has a lovely evening. I am going to build some bears this evening. Hopefully my fingers won't be raw from my slips of the needle. Who knows...
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