Sunday, June 5, 2016


Soooo...all of my children have been delivered to their various locations for the week. The girls are at SIFAT, a program supported by our church that is really interesting. Feel free to look it up and see what they are doing. The boy has been taken into the mountains with his friend and deposited at church camp. Want to talk about a child so excited that he couldn't hardly stand to be in his own skin. He was the first in his cabin, got his choice of top bunks and even had a counselor who was a student at Oxford in England. Not too shabby. His camp, for me as I say every year, is a holy place. I will never forget being dropped off there for my first time and feeling sick and nervous as my mom walked away. At the end of the week, I cried because I had to go home. Such a wonderful experience. This will be his first time to stay a whole week. makes me a little bit queasy, but he was ready to go. I'm awfully proud of all of them to be so willing to go and serve and experience and be adventurous. The silence in this house is truly deafening and I cannot wait until they all are back home. But I pray they have wonderful experiences wile they are gone.

Night all.

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