Monday, June 6, 2016


I woke up this morning with a gurgly tummy and not feeling great, but I knew I needed to try and be productive. My parents came for a little bit this morning before they went to the hospital to see my uncle and aunt. My dad consulted with me on what shrubs to treat with loving care and what "trash" needed to be hacked away and removed. So as soon as they left, I set the iPad on Netflix, got my Bose speaker out on the patio table and blasted the Alfred Hitchcock Hour episodes while I chopped down weeds. I know, I don't know why I chose that, but I love Alfred Hitchcock and needed something to help pass the time while I worked. The unusual little girls who live down behind us had their faces plastered to the fence to try and understand why the story of two Cowboys ready for a gunfight in a restaurant was being played in our yard. This made the dog crazy and kind of creeped my out with their little faces staring up at me...obscured by the chain link fence. It was just kind of weird. After I felt I had done all I could do without consulting with the hub, I showered and went to start cutting out bear parts for a friend. After that, I worked in the "apartment"(what we call the kind of homework, play, music area for the kids)to clean it up and throw some things out while I had no objectors to my actions. I feel like I've been fairly productive today, but I sure do miss my people. We will not hear from the boy unless something is wrong. We have yet to hear from the girls. I know cell service is sketchy, but we may not. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

Going to watch a little Copa before bedtime.

Night all.

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