Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Failed to mention

I want to apologize for an oversight of yesterday. In my search for dye free components for VBS snacks, one of my favorite people bailed me out at the last minute. She has been a faithful VBS supporter and teacher at her church and a kind and faithful supporter of our church and programs for many years. Mrs. M at the Kroger deli has generously donated icing to us to use for various programs, helped us out with last minute cakes and cookies when plans have fallen through...just been a great friend to us all. Yesterday she donated to us dye free icing to make sure that those with allergies and sensitivities could have a special snack like everybody else. Because we have a very small budget($400 for 400 people for 4 days), we cannot accommodate every allergy and often have to address the most widespread of the allergies(peanuts/nuts at our church). I am so very grateful to her for her help and support.

The halls were filled with happy voices and singing voices and some voices that needed to turn down their volumes just a bit. I have to say that it is really nice to see so many unfamiliar faces. I'm glad they find our church a safe place to be and one where they can learn about got and meet new people. This is always an exhausting week, but it is always a great one. It is how the church should be: doors open wide, hallways busting at the seams with singing children and curious parents. Crafts and God sightings displayed throughout the building and tired shepherds and leaders everywhere. It's a good tired. And we should feel that way and work that hard and be that tired showing God's love every day.

Night all.

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