Friday, June 10, 2016

They're all home

As the hub always says, all of our heartbeats are back home. The boy talked the whole way home. He had a great time with his buddy. Nothing like coming off a camp high. He loved every second of it...except for one girl who screamed every time the nurse tried to get an alcohol wipe near her cut. He had no patience for that.

The girls have not stopped talking since we picked them up from church. I truly think they had a life changing experience. Spending the night in a simulated slum of a developing country. They learned about how blessed they truly were. Their youth director summed it up quite eloquently for those of us wondering how it went:

The girls agreed and feel they have taken quite a lot away from their experience. I think we could hear stories for hours, but we have to also hear some stories from the boy and a few card tricks he learned as well. So many exciting things to hear about.

I'm just so glad they are still speaking to their friends and have lots of life lessons tucked in their back pockets.

Night all.
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