Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Packing mule

I think. That one of the biggest ways to torture people, or at least me, is to make me pack for/unpack from a trip. My mother was a dynamo at it. She folded outfits with tissue paper to prevent wrinkling, then put those outfits into ziploc bags. Everything had a bag or a place that fit into a perfectly constructed puzzle. I worry about whether I have enough items for them to wear, but not too many. Lucky for me, the girls pack their items now. I do like to take a little look to make sure I agree with clothing choices, etc. The boy helps, but he never ends up wearing half of what I pack him. Every time I pick him up from camp, it is the hottest day of the summer and he has on sweat pants and a hoodie on. Every time. We'll see how his week trip goes this time. Let's all pray he doesn't come home with some sort of a fungus. It will be interesting.

Now to go to the basement and find duffel bags to fit everyone's items. WIth the downpour we are having, I am hoping against hope that the basement is not flooded.

Night all.

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