Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Thank God for news

The boy's friend, who went with him to camp, has a little sister. Today she went for her first half week experience to the same camp. They all will be picked up on Friday. I checked in with her mom late this afternoon to see how her drop off went. She was so excited on Sunday; she wanted to stay then, but sometimes when it is time for Mom and Dad to go, attitudes change. Well, not for her, which is great! Her mom texted back that everything went fine and that she had seen the boys walking down the camp road. They were covered in mud and looked happy. She got to speak with them briefly and they reported that they were having a great time and were going to go outdoor camping tonight, which they were very excited about. I have dined out on that news ALL afternoon and evening. I knew they would be having a blast, but it just makes it even better to know that they are. My sister in law is the Coordinator of Camp and Retreat Ministries for one of the conferences of the United Methodist Church and I know she reads this sometimes. Yay camp, Aunt S!! I think the boys are hooked for sure! We also got a snippet of information about the girls. They were working with rocket stoves/burners to get them working so they could cook their dinner tonight. My friend said they were all doing alright, but it had been a tough week. I'm sure it has been, but all I can hope is that they come away with even more of a clear understanding about how blessed they are and how much need there is in the world that hopefully they can be a part of reducing. And I pray they all are still friends and speaking when they return.

I'm going to watch the last of the BRAvHAI Copa game and then go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a weird day.

Night all.

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