Monday, June 27, 2016

I have a problem...

So, I have a picking problem. A real picking problem. On Saturday, I didn't have time or energy to go to the top of the berry patch and pick raspberries. It has bugged me since then, so I snuck back over there today. They had quite the busy weekend, so Dennis Fox's son was not confident that many would be ripe enough. But he encouraged me to go up there anyway. After about an hour, I had almost a full bucket. The raspberries attract some pretty funky bugs, so it wasn't for the easily startled. I jumped a few times...not gonna lie. I think we may try to make a razzleberry pie sometime. Poor G is getting braces on tomorrow, so it may be a while before she wants anything to do with pie, so I'll freeze one.

Pray for us all and her mouth. It's a gonna hurt.

Night all.

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